Ideal Techniques to Repair Metal Hulls

Skilled Industrial Millwright Services Restore Ships to Working Shape

Cargo shipping is one of the backbones of many modern industries. Container ships ply the seaways with tons of cargo that is used for commercial and industrial purposes; however, the sea can do a lot of damage to a ship. That’s why timely ship repair services are needed to keep these key vessels running.

Ideal Techniques to Repair Metal Hulls

Reliable industrial millwright services from companies like Central Machine and Marine are able to do the necessary repairs needed by damaged ships. Their services can range from propeller repairs to hull patching. Here are a few examples of what types of damage millwrights can help with:

Hull Breaches

In the past, a hole in the hull could potentially sink a ship, but with modern advances, they aren’t as worrying. Then again, they can still affect the performance of a ship; for example, water still enters the hull and lowers the ship’s waterline, thereby slowing it down. These hull breaches can have a variety of causes like corrosion or accidents like collisions. No matter the reason though, they can all be repaired by millwright services.

Depending on the size and location of the hole, there are differing repair methods. Most of these repairs require that both sides of the hull are checked and the area of the hole must be isolated. For areas that are contoured, shaped plates will need to be placed over the breach. Finally, welding needs to be done properly by qualified millwrights, or there is a chance that the cover plate might become dislodged.

Old Rivets

Cargo ships are durable, but many of them have been in service for years, which means that their individual parts can be suffering from long-term use. The rivets that hold the hull and bulkheads of a ship together are a good example of this. Old rivets need to be replaced since with age comes deterioration and possible leaks, something you don’t want to see in a water vessel. Millwright services can replace old, flawed rivets and replace them with brand new ones. Sometimes, tightening and wedging a loose rivet is an effective method to restore a ship’s seaworthiness.

Damaged Propellers

Propellers drive a ship forward and if they are damaged, you can expect a vessel to perform poorly. The most common reason for damage to propellers is collision with ice or other debris which results in bent or broken propellers. Professional millwright services could either straighten the bent propeller or crop the bent propeller blade; for broken propellers, cropping the damaged blade or a full replacement are the usual options.

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