Ship Repair Services Company on Crankshaft Upkeep and Common Problems

Ship Repair Services Company on Crankshaft Upkeep and Common Problems

Sooner or later, your vessel will require ship repair services—it’s just part of the wear and tear that comes with plying the oceans. That being said, proper maintenance is still required if you want to keep both your ship and your business afloat.

As it happens, the crankshaft is one of the most crucial components of your ship’s engine. Below are just some of the ways to avoid damaging it, as well as common problems you may encounter.

Ship Repair Services Company on Crankshaft Upkeep and Common Problems
Prevention is Better Than Repair

As you can imagine, a busted crankshaft can derail your ship’s operations, which is why catching the symptoms before the problem remains the best way to avoid major headaches. Hence, it is important for all operators to include regular maintenance checks on this crucial component to spot potential issues as early as possible.

The state of the bearings will also give a clue as to the crankshaft’s condition. Substantial wear on the bearings usually occurs when they are made of different materials, which usually occurs when the bearings are made by different manufacturers. Sooner or later, this will lead to problems with your crankshaft as well.

The lubricating oil is also a major factor in keeping your crankshaft in good working order. As such, do not cut corners and use only the proper grade oil to avoid bearing damage and, ultimately, crankshaft misalignment. Likewise, the oil’s pH value has to be regularly monitored as well to ensure that it has not become too acidic.

Common Reasons for Failure

That being said, any component of a ship will require repairs at some point or another. And since the crankshaft is such a critical and complex component of the ship, there are many reasons for its failure, such as:

Fatigue Failure.  Overuse is one of the main reasons for crankshaft failure, and age may be the most common cause.

Over Pressurized Cylinder. A hydraulic lock leak and extreme pressure may cause the crankshaft to slip or even become bent.

Cracks. Cracks often develop between the journal and the web, usually at the 10 and 12 o’clock positions. This is usually caused by engine vibration.

Indeed, the crankshaft is a complex and crucial component of your ship. If you require crankshaft repair or a CNC machine shop to manufacture crucial parts, be sure to work only with trusted companies.


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