Scratching Beneath the Hard Surface of Industrial Millwright Services

It was in the 3rd century BC when the well-known Greek philosopher Archimedes introduced the concept of simple machines to the world. Fast forward to the present, and it is easy to see that several thousands of years of research, experimentation, and innovation turned “simple” machines into complex yet highly efficient mechanisms that (to a certain degree) characterizes and constitute modern life. Today, no one knows machines – especially industrial machinery – better than a millwright.

Scratching Beneath the Hard Surface of Industrial Millwright Services

Skilled industrial millwright services from established companies like Central Machine & Marine Inc. are vital to a number of industries such as mining and manufacturing. At first glance, the tasks of a millwright may seem to only involve the construction of machines or assembly of equipment, but they can actually do so much more. The following are some of the services that tradespeople from millwrighting and machining companies typically offer:

Ship Repair Services

Due to the large number of seagoing vessels in Canada’s waters, from cruise ships to naval fleets, comprehensive ship repair services are greatly in demand. In fact, an article by David Pugliese, a writer for The StarPhoenix, discussed about the massive overhaul of almost half of all Canadian Navy vessels:

“With more than half its ships and submarines being repaired, modernized or in a reduced state of readiness, the Royal Canadian Navy is acknowledging that it has hit the low point in availability of its vessels.

Of a total of 33 main ships and submarines, 15 are being repaired or undergoing upgrades, while another four are at a lesser state of readiness as they conduct tests on recently installed and modernized systems.”

Indeed, the applications of millwrighting in the marine industry are invaluable. Without skilled tradespeople to carry out repairs at sea, to patch up damages, and to install engines and propulsion systems, ships won’t be able to stay afloat for long.

CNC Machining

Another service they offer is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. This involves the use of a machine similar to a lathe or miller that can be programmed to accurately manufacture mechanical parts. With CNC, there is no need to waste a well-trained employee on grunt work. A well-programmed machine would be able to continually produce with minimal supervision.


The fabrication of metal components is another service that is being offered by millwrights. Custom pipes, tanks, and other specialized containers, often used in the refining and petrochemical industry, are usually fabricated depending on the specific needs and demands of the client.

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