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Leader in Quality Control

Leader in Quality Control


We are an industry leader in Quality Control, with registered quality programs in place since 1985. Safety and quality control programs at CMM are second to none and are administered by dedicated full-time safety and QC managers. We are able to perform liquid penetrant as well as magnetic particle inspection in-house to Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB0 Level 2 and use our PMI machine for positive material identification.

Product & Services

We provide our customers with quality products and services in a safe and timely manner. Our company’s reputation is based upon its ability to carry out this commitment during every job that we do. All of our employees are committed to, and responsible for, quality and service. As a result, our company has been able to continuously improve the way it serves its customers. We listen to our employee and customer quality concerns and ideas, using them to improve our products and services on an ongoing basis.


We have an ISO 9001-2015 series Quality Management Program Certificate #3291-4, that is assessed and registered by Intertek. Our quality program has been evolving to keep up with our industry’s stringent demands. We also have a TSSA Registered ASME Section VIII Division I Quality Program, giving us certification for vessel repair. These quality programs allow us to take care of all your welding and manufacturing needs from registration to completion. We can also do alterations or repairs of fittings, vessels and piping in our shop or in the field.

Quality Program Certificate

Quality Program Certificate

Quality Program Certificate

We have been an industry leader in Quality Control, with registered quality programs in place since 1985. The Central Machine & Marine Quality Control Programmes are administered by a full time Q.C. manager who is responsible for all matters relating to quality.

ISO 9001-2015 : Quality Management System, certificate number 3291, is assessed and registered by Intertek Testing Services NA.

Pressure vessel work is carried out under a registered Quality Control Programme in accordance with the requirements of the A.S.M.E. Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1. Pressure Piping & Fittings in accordance with ANSI/ASME B31.1, B31.3 & CSA B51. Technical Standards & Safety Authority (T.S.S.A.) registration covers this Quality Control Programme.

T.S.S.A. Registration covers these Quality Control Programmes.

Pressure Vessel construction and repair. Hull, machinery and misc. repairs on ships, is performed under Canadian Coast Guard Ship Safety Branch, Marine Machinery Regulations and applicable classification society rules.

Welding is performed by qualified Welders, using T.S.S.A. Registered Welding Procedures. These cover metals and alloys, both similar and dissimilar. New procedures and processes are registered on an ongoing basis with T.S.S.A. as required.

Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Examinations are conducted by C.M.M. personnel qualified to C.G.S.B. Level II.

Copies of our quality manuals and welding procedures are available for review at C.M.M. upon request to Quality Manager. Audits of our programs, procedures and facilities may be conducted upon request.

A calibration service is offered for measuring equipment, micrometers and verniers, using calibrated standards and gauges traceable to the National Standards.

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Health and Safety Standards

Employee Health and Safety

Central Machine & Marine, Beasley Machine, and Insitu Machining are vitally interested in the health and safety of its employees. Protection of employees from injury or occupational diseases is our major continuing objective.

Work Environment

Central Machine & Marine, Beasley Machine, & Insitu Machining will make every effort to provide a safe, healthy work environment. Owners, management, supervision, and all employees must work together at our mutual goal of no workplace accidents or injuries. Our goal is 100% compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Agency (OHSA). Sections 24 – 28 of the OHSA, and our company policies and procedures, make sure everyone from the owners to employees understands their responsibilities for worker safety.

Safety Rules and Regulations

Safety Rules and Regulations

Safety Rules and Regulations

Safety Rules and Regulation Policy: Supervisors including foremen and lead hands have an added responsibility to see that rules and regulations, and company policy are followed. It is every employee’s responsibility to work safely. Every employee is expected to follow all relevant health and safety legislation and our company policy as it relates to their work. Managers and executives have the same responsibilities and are also responsible for setting policy, keeping abreast of legislation and providing the needed resources.

Environmentally Friendly

As the environment becomes increasingly important for our children and grandchildren, we are 100% committed to doing our part to protect and sustain it. All refuse will be reused, or recycled. Any by-product of our work will be handled and treated in a way that meets or exceeds relevant legislation. Any spill will be cleaned up and reported immediately. I trust that each of you will join me in a personal commitment in putting safety first in every job we do. We will do it safely and in an environmentally friendly manner, or we won’t do it.