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Machining Valve

CMM can design and build some of our own machine tools at our 60,000 square foot shop to meet individual customer requirements for specific machining applications and other field work.

We offer comprehensive on-site machining and industrial millwrighting services through its satellite company Insitu Machining. This includes tube sheet facing for heat exchangers, flange facing, tube sheet milling, line boring machine frames, boring coupling and rudder palm bolt holes.

Other services are line boring engine and compressor crankshaft main bearings, line boring gearbox bearing housings, turning damaged or built-up areas on shafts, milling forging hammer and press bases. Services also include cold cutting and bevelling heavy wall pipe, grinding large engine valve seats, keyway milling on shafts and long bed milling and turning of drums and trunnions to 12 feet in one setting. We utilize a Hamar Laser to check surfaces and provide flatness readings for distances as short as .001 inch to over 50 feet.


We have been performing on-site machining for more than the past three decades throughout Canada, with the bulk of its industrial pump repair in Ontario.

We have a Quality Management Program Certificate that is assessed and registered by Intertek. Our quality program has been evolving to keep up with our industry’s stringent demands. We also have a TSSA registered ASME Section VIII Division I Quality Program, giving us certification for vessel repair. These quality programs allow us to take care of all your welding and manufacturing needs from registration to completion. We can also do alterations or repair of fittings, vessels and piping in our shop or in the field.