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3D Reverse Engineering

3D Reverse Engineering Company Service Process

3d reverse engineering services

3d Reverse Engineering Services

One of the services CMM has become well known for is our reverse engineering capabilities.  We use the term ‘reverse engineering’ loosely as we do not copy other companies products to manufacture for our own benefit.

We offer this service only in instances where the original OEM (original equipment manufacturer) has gone out of business, discontinued the product that is required or they cannot produce the component in the lead time required.  CMM will only reverse engineer a part with permission from the OEM.

In this particular case study we will be referring to a rotating element used in a turbine that we were asked to reproduce within three weeks.

First, we obtain the component and meet with the customer to determine the root cause of the failure, it is usually worn, broken or damaged beyond repair.  In many instances the original part was manufactured from a casting and the foundry has discarded the pattern or requires a large minimum order that is not economically feasible.  Therefore, we will machine the component from a solid piece of the base material.

Using our positive material identification (PMI) gun, we determined that it was originally cast form 1 ¼ chrome. We sourced an 8” thick piece of chrome plate from a supplier in Texas, had the material cut and flown to our shop on a rush basis.

3D Reverse Engineering Scanning and CNC Machining Software

cnc reverse engineering machining

CNC Reverse Engineering Machining

While the material was being supplied we used our in house FARO arm 3D scanner and CAD software to generate an exact 3D model of the part supplied.  We add material to the model in the areas that are worn or where the customer specifies the modification. Once the modified 3D model is complete and meets the customer specifications, we upload the model into our CNC machining software and assign tool cutter paths to it.  This is the information the machine reads in  order to produce a 3D part from the solid square, round or rectangular base material.

We have a wide range of CNC machinery capable of producing the desired shape in a very short period of time.

In cases where the part will ultimately be used as a rotating component, it is critical that it is perfectly balanced before being installed.  To achieve this we manufacture a custom mandrel, a shaft that will hold the part during the balancing process.  Using our in house balancing machine, custom software and trained technician, we are able to either add or remove small amounts of material and perfectly balance the part to rotational speeds of up to 30,000 RPM.

Trained CMM Technician Component Balancing

Once the part is balanced, the final step is to completely inspect the component all over to ensure it is within the tolerances specified by the customer or OEM.  Again, we utilize our in house co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) and trained technician to measure every aspect of the part and provide a dimensional report.

As with most of the components we produce or services we provide, the final product is shipped complete with a data package that confirms that what is being supplied is exactly what the customer has ordered!  The data package often includes but is not limited to a material mill test report, weld procedures, inspection report, dimensional report, balancing report, heat chart or any other information requested by the end user.

Having nothing but the original, damaged part to refer to, CMM was able to produce a functioning component within 26 days utilizing our in house technicians, machinery and software.
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