Ontario Machine Shop Careers Can Be a Good Future for At-Risk Youth

Almost one-fourth of Canada’s population is composed of children and youth, over half of which are Aboriginals. According to statistical studies, however, this demographic will not be staying the same for long. Their numbers would keep on growing and in ten years, it is estimated that the members of Aboriginal youth with ages 15 – 19 would increase by as much as 37% compared with 2001.

Good Future for At-Risk Youth

There is a real possibility, therefore, that adverse factors may affect some of them, which in turn could negatively impact their personal development. To help prevent this, a nationwide foundation’s local chapter provided hands-on welding experience for at-risk youth that can inspire and eventually give them a good career option by working at a machine shop in Ontario, or entering any other related industry.

“The CWA Foundation, Milton, Ont., and Liberty for Youth, Hamilton, Ont., are teaming up to provide at-risk youth with hands-on experience related to the Canadian welding industry. In March several youth from the Hamilton area toured the CWB headquarters and the Canadian Welding Association (CWA) Advanced Welding Technology Centre (AWTC) to learn how welding “joins” the world.

The young people, ages 14 to 19, tested their welding skills on a state-of-the-art virtual welding simulator that mimics numerous hands-on welding processes and techniques, all set in a realistic work environment. They also learned about various career options in the Canadian welding industry.”

As members of the next generation, today’s youth should have a foundation that’s centered not only in moral development, but in honing them to be future great contributors of industries as well.

The welding industry is an excellent field to get into due to its continuous growth over the years, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. With its huge part in other different industries such as manufacturing, shipping, and construction, welding is projected to have at least 8% of growth rate per year. This rate will be shared by all types of welding processes.

Someday, these at-risk individuals you see around may become a valuable asset of a trusted welding and CNC machine shop like Central Machine & Marine. It would be good to know that some concerned groups are currently honing their skills and knowledge to potentially give them a bright future ahead – and to ensure that the services you get from such shops would be the excellent kind.

(Source: CWA Foundation Working to Inspire At-Risk Youth, www.cimindustry.com)