Pembina to import ethane-export propane

How an Ontario Machine Shop Can Help Petrochemical Industry Clients

The petrochemical sector is one of Canada’s major industries, primarily using oil and natural gas as major raw materials in producing many other chemicals. It is no exaggeration to say that the country’s economic climate significantly depends upon its domestic petrochemical scene. This fact is precisely why so much infrastructure is invested into the industry:

Pembina Pipeline Corp. announced Tuesday it will buy a pipeline that imports ethane from North Dakota to Alberta and, separately, will build a terminal in Oregon to export Canadian propane.


Vantage is a recently constructed, 700-kilometre 40,000-barrel-per-day pipeline that brings ethane from a gas plant at Tioga, N.D., to Empress to connect with the Alberta Ethane Gathering System pipeline and the province’s petrochemical industry.

Pembina to import ethane-export propane

With more large petrochemical firms like Pembina purchasing major pipelines to facilitate the improved transfer of imports and exports, it is clear that more terminals and facilities need to be built. Having more working pipelines would also require added maintenance as well as extra fabrication work to be done for these facilities. In an industry as important as the petrochemical sector, no less than the most qualified professionals and the highest quality precision fabricated equipment are needed.

These developments call for better fabrication and welding services not only in Alberta but also in other Canadian provinces like Ontario. With the increased demand for key industrial services, an Ontario machine shop can extend its services to cater to these clients. Specialist shops like Central Machine and Marine can perform crucial tasks for many core Canadian industries like the petrochemical and the marine sectors.

These industries not only require precision fabrication services and repairs for vital components, but also large fabrication services from Ontario specialists. Since there are a growing number of petrochemical firms that are investing in the purchase and set-up of major pipelines and terminals, there would also be the need for machine service shops that specialize in handling technological developments. Constant improvements will be made to these facilities and machines, after all, and the assistance of experts will ensure that petrochemical companies will be able to keep up with any changes in the industry.


(Source: Pembina to import ethane, export propane, Calgary Herald, September 2, 2014)