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Ontario Machine Shop Announces Approval of Sarnia Harbour Divestiture

Toronto, Ontario (May 5, 2014) – Central Machine & Marine Inc. (CMM), a trusted machine shop in Ontario, announces the approval of the divestiture proposal for the Sarnia Harbour in the City of Sarnia. This development, duly approved last April 1, 2014, effectively transfers the operational duties and responsibilities pertaining to the Sarnia Harbour from the hands of the federal government to the Sarnia Harbour Management Group (SHMG), which CMM is a part of.

The approval also brings forth a huge impact in the in the harbour’s future sustainability, as well as the general economy, the industrial sector, and the marine industry in the area. Located in the north of Sarnia Bay and Seaway Road, the Sarnia Harbour was previously under the watch of Transport CanadaThe proposal for divestiture stems from previous efforts undertaken by the city, along with some local groups in 1996, which aimed to increase the efficiency of the harbour while lessening the tax burden on the people. Moreover, it also aimed to empower users, local interests, and communities, when it comes to decision-making.

With the proposal’s approval, CMM will be able to extend their services and share their knowledge, particularly in the area of marine repair and maintenance. Their services cover all phases of afloat hull repairs, bulkhead, and internal structure renewals. Considering that the Sarnia Harbour is a place where ship owners schedule their ship repairs, CMM will also help boost the capacity of local repair personnel and introduce some of their state-of-the-art equipment.

Established in 1973, CMM started as a general machine shop and has since grown and expanded into a full-scale repair facility. Apart from serving the marine industry, they also cater to clients from the petrochemical sector. They offer machining and millwriting services that include tube sheet facing and milling, line boring, and forging hammer and press bases, to name a few.

Additionally, they also specialize in large fabrication for Ontario refining companies, tower internals, and pressure vessels, among others. To learn more on their services and for a list of their equipment, visit www.CentralMM.ca.

About Central Machine & Marine Inc.

The company is recognized as one of the industry leaders when it comes to quality control, holding an ISO 9001-2008 series Quality Management Program Certificate #3291-4 and a TSSA Registered ASME Section VIII Division I Quality Program. They also employ factory-trained technicians who are available 24 hours a day.