Ontario CNC Machine Shop: Speed, Safety, Savings, and Other Benefits

In the manufacturing industry, automation is a term that often refers to high production processes, where manufacturing facilities create thousands upon thousands of the same part every day. But with ever-changing technology comes changing definitions, and today, many small job CNC machine shops are able to provide the same level of precision that large-name manufacturers can.

CNC Machine Shop

Before CNC automation technology trickled down to low volume manufacturing, fabrication had to be done by hand. With computers and technology, automation has allowed low volume manufacturing to improve quality and accuracy while reducing complexity and operating costs. But better quality and savings are far from the only advantage that CNC automation affords. Take a look at some of its other benefits below:

Faster production times

An automated CNC machine can speed up production time significantly since machines can work continuously until a task is finished without the need for breaks.

Enhanced Safety

As the manufacture is no longer dependent on human control, CNC technology is innately safer. Should a problem develop in the equipment, it will simply damage itself, without putting any human life in harm’s way. The less hands-on the manufacturing process is, the safer the business.

Decreased footprint

The automation that CNC machinery provides decreases the work area of a manufacturing plant, allowing the better utilization of floor space for other processes that make operations more efficient.

Waste reduction

Thanks to improved accuracy, use of raw materials can be reduced to the bare essentials. Many manufacturing plants that allowed automation to permeate every aspect of operation are able to achieve zero manufacturing waste.

Decreased human error

Humans are not perfect, therefore, mistakes are bound to happen in the production process at one point or another. A CNC machine only does what it is programmed to do, and as long as they are maintained to function optimally, it is less likely to make as much mistakes as a human employee.

Large scale fabrication services in Ontario

Industrial businesses in Ontario in need of large fabrication services, such as those involved in petrochemicals, tower internals, pressure vessels, and process equipment, rely on CNC automation service providers such as Central Machine & Marine Inc. to provide for their needs.