Common CNC Grinding Mistakes

The right grinding material requires that you consider the material hardness, the piece of metal to be worked on and the type of finish required.

The first mistake: Grinding wheel

Most of the grinding wheels are made up of the abrasive and the bond used for cutting and holding the abrasive in place respectively. The grit determines the size of the abrasive to be used. When the grit number is low, a smaller abrasive must be used.cnc grindingUsing a too coarse of grinding wheel for the surface finish may not give you the required results. Instead, you can obtain a finer finish by slowing down the dressing federate even though it can result in dulling the abrasive. A dull wheel generates more heat and result in a lot of grinding force that is not good for quality productivity. Using a grit that has sharp abrasive grains will give better results compared to a grit wheel with abrasive grains. The following chart gives the size of grit required for the given finish.

Mistake 2: Dressing

Regular dressing may not be necessary. In fact a proper grinding wheel can allow for grinding multiple wheels without necessarily dressing the wheel. If more material is removed from the abrasive grain, it becomes dull. Thus, dressing every part may not be necessary. Reducing the frequency of dress has an added advantage; it reduces the cycle time extending the life of the dressing diamond and the grinding wheel. This reduces the cost and enhances productivity.

Note: the diamond dresser can also have an effect on the quality as well as the general productivity. Thus, the simplest method of dressing is where a single point diamond is used. However, care must be taken when using this single point diamond since it requires frequent rotation. When this is done regularly, the single diamond will wear out and develop a flat.

A single point diamond that has developed a flat makes the abrasive grain to become dull even when the grinding wheel is dressed. To dress the grinding wheel rotary dressing which uses an electric spindle to rotate may be employed. The rotary dressing is thus, a better alternative since it provides a consistent dress and reduces the possibility of the dressing disc to wear and develop flats as it is in the case of a single point diamond.

This was valuable information acquired years ago and improved productivity and the quality of my CNC machining endeavours.


The Demand For High Quality Welders On a National Level

Welding is the trade you want to be in, especially in Canada. Not only is the skill in high demand, but highly qualified welders cannot be easily replaced. At a national level there are upcoming projects that will heavily rely on welding and large fabrication, and meeting the welder demands for these projects over the next few years should prove to be a challenge.

A skilled welder is classified by the level of training they’ve received; obtained at trade school, or through a union program or possibly a college or university. Those who take part in a qualified program/course can expect to receive proper training to acquire the technical and technique they need to be classified a skilled welder. However, different courses and programs may deliver content in a different way. As for how a welder’s skill is measured, they need to take part in practical testing. An example of this is the CWB (The Canadian Welding Bureau) Welder Qualification.

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Canadian Government Support For CNC Machining Programs Can Create Job Opportunities For Indigenous Students

Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, the Honourable Michelle Rempel, made an announcement that they would spend $935,000 for CAHRD (The Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development) to support CNC ( Computer Numerical Control ) skills acquisition for Indigenous students.

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Oil Pipelines

Established Ontario Machine Shop Can Help the Petrochemical Industry

Oil and natural gas are top fuels that drive several industries today. That’s why it’s important for them to have widespread distribution, whether via oil tankers, roads, or railways; however, the safest and most efficient way to transport oil is via pipelines, which avoids the dangers of spills and derailments. To keep these pipelines in great shape will require the services of a leading fabrication and machine shop in Ontario like Central Machine and Marine.
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Ideal Techniques to Repair Metal Hulls

Skilled Industrial Millwright Services Restore Ships to Working Shape

Cargo shipping is one of the backbones of many modern industries. Container ships ply the seaways with tons of cargo that is used for commercial and industrial purposes; however, the sea can do a lot of damage to a ship. That’s why timely ship repair services are needed to keep these key vessels running.
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CNC: An Ontario Machine Shop’s Answer to High Manufacturing Demand

Canadian manufacturing continues its slow, but steady, growth. Shop Metalworking Technology, the premier magazine for Canadian metal works and manufacturing industries, says that new export orders went up to 54.5 percent this December, compared to October’s 51.3 percent, thanks to gains made in the U.S. economy and the Canadian dollar. Industry experts are convinced that this growth will persist throughout the rest of 2014, and perhaps the first quarter of next year.

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Expert Industrial Millwright Services Will Keep Canada’s Oil Pumping

Canada’s energy industry comprises nearly seven percent of the country’s gross domestic product. One of the important components of the industry is the massive pipelines that help deliver oil across the continent. Right now, there are several upcoming pipeline projects slated to begin in the near future. One of them is a pipeline suggested by TransCanada that is supposed to pump over 1.1 billion barrels of oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the Eastern Canadian states.

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Great Falls College Offers International Welding Certification

Why Quality is a Given for Established Ontario Machine Shop Welders

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Damaged by engine fire, stranded Canadian Navy ship to be towed to Hawaii

Quality Parts, Systems, and Ship Repair Services: Sea-worthy Virtues

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Ontario Machine Shop Careers Can Be a Good Future for At-Risk Youth

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