Key Ship Maintenance Services to Help You Remain Competitive in Your Industry

When it comes to mechanical equipment or machines, big or small, effective maintenance and repair procedures are crucial in ensuring that favorable outcomes and achieved and that the mechanism enjoys a prolonged lifespan.

This is especially important within a ship, as all relevant components and systems need to be in excellent working condition at all times to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew, the efficiency in transit, and the successful completion of journeys that would indicate positive business or industry achievements.

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Generally, there are three kinds of maintenance systems that can be observed onboard ships:

Condition maintenance system. This involves the use of sensors to indicate regular times for inspecting the machinery. Such a process needs to be handled carefully in order to prevent misinterpretations of the data gathered from the equipment, which can lead to damage and costly repairs.

Corrective maintenance system. This process is also called breakdown maintenance since it is performed whenever a piece of equipment or machinery breaks down. While some will prefer this system because it entails using machines to their full capacity (until it finally ceases to operate), it can be a disadvantage if the mechanisms break down at crucial emergencies and no effective resolution can be employed—in such cases, the entire ship can be put at risk.

Planned, scheduled or preventive maintenance system. Many ships follow this maintenance procedure for its greater emphasis on care for the equipment and the safety of the ship. Maintenance, repairs and replacements are meant to be carried out at regular intervals (by hours, months or years) and regardless of the condition of the equipment.

Here are examples of key ship maintenance services that prove to be highly beneficial to businesses looking to remain competitive:

  • Cleaning sea-inlets
  • Afloat hull repairs
  • Bulkhead and internal structure renewals
  • Provision of replacement components for bucket elevator systems
  • Tailshaft withdrawal
  • Manufacture of obsolete parts and equipment
  • Repair and survey of gearboxes, winches, fluid drives and clutches
  • Anchor chain calibration
  • Gear unloading
  • Stainless steelwork
  • Damage repairs
  • Coating
  • Insulation
  • Paintwork
  • Overhaul and survey of ship thrusters
  • Repair and installation of marine sanitation equipment
  • Installation of propulsion systems, generators and complete engines
  • Repairs at sea

It’s always best to choose large scale machine and fabrication companies to provide all your ship maintenance and repair solutions. Such professionals will have skilled teams with extensive industry experience, a commitment to quality service, innovative technological provisions and great attention to detail.