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Industrial Millwright Services Offer On-Site Repair of Heavy Equipment

With about 35.6 million residents, Canada definitely has a high energy demand that befits a thoroughly developed nation. Fortunately, power plants like those in Point Lepreau produce significant amounts of electricity to supply those needs. However, back in April, the facility was briefly put out of commission. The reason? A problem with the turbine pump. This article from CBC News provided further details on this event:

“The Point Lepreau nuclear generating station is temporarily offline, after a problem with one of the turbine system pumps on the non-nuclear side over the weekend.

All safety systems functioned properly during the incident Saturday night and there was no impact on staff, the public, or the environment, NB Power officials said in a statement.

Repairs are underway and the plant is expected to be reconnected and power restored to 100 per cent later this week, Sean Granville, vice-president and chief nuclear officer, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the northeastern energy market and Coleson Cove generating station will supply any additional power required by the provincial grid, he said.”

As succeeding reports stated, though, the station was promptly repaired and resynchronized with the grid on April 9—and not a moment too soon, either, since the facility generates around 660 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power about 330,000 households.

Of course, power plants aren’t the only facilities that use pumps in their operations; the petrochemical and marine industries do so, too. In all these cases, the pumps—and the machines they’re part of—are too big to be taken out of the facility for repairs.


Fortunately, companies like Central Machine and Marine offer on-site industrial millwright services for heavy equipment. The firm uses a technique called CNC machining, wherein coded instructions are fed to a computerized machine, which rapidly and accurately fabricates the parts needed for repairs. With this technology, machining becomes automated, making fixes even on large-scale machines that much easier.

As the article proved, even the most advanced machines are not impervious to damage, and when these events occur, operations can come to a screeching halt. With the help of on-site CNC machining, however, rapid industrial pump repair becomes possible no matter how big or small the fixes needed. As such, the impacts of mechanical problems on both a business and its consumers are mitigated.

(Source: Point Lepreau offline after turbine system pump problems, CBC News)