What Industrial Millwright Services Can Do for Damaged Canadian Ships

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, the diverse skills and the continuous labor of millwrights have helped shaped multiple disciplines in today’s mechanized world. Their services are still called upon today, especially when it comes to installing, maintaining, and repairing industrial machinery and other related equipment. In Ontario, millwrights who are working in industry and manufacturing are called Industrial Millwrights or Mechanics, and they can be tasked to repair far bigger machines like the two ships of the Canadian Pacific navy that have been involved in an unfortunate incident:

The two aging ships damaged in a collision at sea happen to be the most crucial vessels for blue-water naval operations in the Pacific. Until repairs are completed, the fleet that’s based on Canada’s West Coast is missing its sole destroyer and it doesn’t have a supply vessel to re-fuel ships at sea.


The two ships in the recent incident, the destroyer HMCS Algonquin and supply ship HMCS Protecteur, collided when they were conducting a routine towing exercise en route to Hawaii. There were no injuries, but the Royal Canadian Navy is assessing the damage to both ships while it convenes a board of inquiry to determine what went wrong.

Canadian Pacific navy fleet severely hampered without damaged ships

Given the country’s lack of more ships such as the Algonquin and the Protecteur, cost considerations dictate that there is a greater need for getting repairs done instead of having the vessels replaced. Though it has been a year since the mishap, it will still take a long time before these water craft could be replaced. To ensure that all ships in an organization stay afloat, regular maintenance and repair work can be performed by a skilled industrial millwright.

There are established Ontario-based companies, such as Central Machine and Marine, that provide effective industrial millwright services to fit the demands of their clients. These firms offer the assistance of their highly trained workers who specialize in performing quick adjustments and completing rush turnaround projects.

This being only a part of their broader skill set, industrial millwrights are also adept in providing ship repair services for a wide range of clients. Similar to the Algonquin and the Protecteur, there are many maritime service vessels that still need to run while being attended to. Emergency repairs performed by certified personnel are most beneficial for these ships, since these services will allow the craft to go about their business without leading to any other untoward incidents.


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