Industrial Millwright Services are Valuable for Avoiding Water Hammer

One of the biggest problems that could make you call for immediate industrial millwright services is damage brought about by water hammer. What exactly is it and what are the ramifications that can spring from it?

Water Hammer Explained

Pumps & Systems defines water hammer as a surge in pressure that can occur in any pumping system. It arises from a sudden change in the flow rate of the fluid moving inside the system. Although this often happens to liquids, it can also happen to gases.

Water hammer is a serious problem. Water World describes it as a “destructive force” and indicates that while most engineers recognize its existence, only a few realize its destructive capabilities. It’s important to know, however, that a great deal of time and resources have been spent on repairing damages caused by water hammer.

What Causes It?

Water hammer happens due to dynamic pressure change, which is the result of kinetic energy of the moving fluid transforming into pressure energy. Such a transformation happens because the fluid suddenly stops. With the momentum, the fluid’s pressure rises dramatically in a short span of time. It will then rebound forming an acoustic pressure wave. The wave travels through the pipe at the speed of sound and gets reflected upon meeting an obstruction.

There are certain actions in the system that can trigger water hammer: separation of water column, check valves closing on reverse flow, interruptions in power, speedy opening/closure of valves and starting up or shutting down pumps too quickly. Water hammer can cause breaks in the pipelines and damages to other components of the system.

Pump Failure

When a pump is malfunctioning, the risk for water hammer increases dramatically. Moreover, there are many other problems that can spring from pump failure. After all, the pump has an important role to the systems that’s analogous to the heart’s function in the body. So, professional industrial pump repair proves to be valuable when any malfunction is detected. You can contact industrial millwright companies such as Central Machine and Marine to perform the repairs in accordance with industrial standards.


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