Go to a Conventional or CNC Machine Shop in Ontario for Machining?

Do you need the services of a millwright or machine shop in Ontario? Are you better off with one that uses computerized numerical control (CNC) machining or one that uses conventional machining? Just how are these methods different from each other anyway?

CNC Machining

Many CNC machines are already in use today, particularly in the manufacturing industry. As the name implies, they are controlled using a computer program as opposed to the conventional machines operated by a human.

Advantages of CNC

Technology Student presents many advantages of using CNCs. First off, since they are not operated by a human user, the machine can run for 24 hours a day. It only needs to be stopped when the occasional maintenance needs to be done. CNC also offers a high level of consistency. Since they work through a computer program, CNC machines can replicate the same design hundreds to thousands of times with little to no variation. CNC Concepts adds that CNC machines are faster at producing work pieces because they can easily be programmed to use the most efficient conditions for cutting, thereby attaining the best cycle times.

CNC also enables the generation of machine shapes of high levels of complexity due to the wide range of complex motions that the machines can perform. Such shapes either cannot be achieved or extremely difficult to achieve using conventional machines. The CNC machines also offer flexibility for manufacturers. Their programmability allows them to be used to produce a lot of different work pieces. They are also easy to setup and their design also addresses the minimization of downtime.

Conventional Machining

Given the above, why does conventional machining still get used? The truth is, there are still particular projects that need human judgment. CNC machines only follow a program and still aren’t complete replacements for the human judgment.

The good news is that if you need machining, you don’t have to choose. Companies like Central Machine and Marine double as both an industrial CNC machine shop and conventional machining provider. They are equipped to perform both so it can cater to unique industrial needs.



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