Expert Industrial Millwright Services to Prevent a Petroleum Problem

Canada’s pipeline network can go around the Earth two-and-a-half times over. However, it only takes one leak to put the whole planet in danger.

In response to the continued development of the petroleum industry, the National Energy Board has been given the power to deal with oil spills in the country. It began its mandate by requiring pipeline companies to set aside $1 billion in oil spill liability. With much of the pipelines bisecting Canada’s untapped paradises in the north, $1 billion seems like a decent number.

“Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford on Wednesday unveiled new safety measures in Vancouver, as the federal government nears a decision on Northern Gateway, the contentious Enbridge Inc. pipeline that would connect Alberta’s oil sands to the Pacific coast. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP is also proposing a three-fold increase in oil exports through British Columbia as part of plans to expand its Trans Mountain pipeline system.”

The impact of oil spills in the environment is self-explanatory. The integrity of the pipelines, old and new, will depend on the integrity of parts that fulfill their role of moving petroleum across the continent. Among these parts include pumping stations, strategically-placed facilities that pump thick crude oil from end to end continuously.

Expert Industrial Millwright Services to Prevent a Petroleum Problem

Oftentimes, pump stations house positive displacement (PD) pumps. They exert more pressure than centrifugal pumps to let the crude oil flow thanks to its reciprocating parts. Maintaining the smallest units of a vast system is essential to keeping the production line in motion. This is where skilled industrial millwright services get involved.

It will be more difficult to find machining experts like Central Machine and Marine in the following years. The shortage in machining skills will greatly diminish the number of qualified machinists, millwrights, and welders available to repair or maintain Canada’s pipeline network. So, as early as now, you should get in touch with the industry’s proven names as part of your contingency plan.

You can ask these services to perform industrial pump repair and maintenance on a regular basis. They have a wide array of tools at their disposal and a vast workshop to support their operations. Precision machining will ensure optimal working conditions for the road that fuels every heater, vehicle, and stove in Canada.

(Source: “Canada’s new pipeline safety rules widen firms’ oil spill liability to $1-billion,” Financial Post, May 14, 2014)