Oil Pipelines

Established Ontario Machine Shop Can Help the Petrochemical Industry

Oil and natural gas are top fuels that drive several industries today. That’s why it’s important for them to have widespread distribution, whether via oil tankers, roads, or railways; however, the safest and most efficient way to transport oil is via pipelines, which avoids the dangers of spills and derailments. To keep these pipelines in great shape will require the services of a leading fabrication and machine shop in Ontario like Central Machine and Marine.

Oil Pipelines

Large fabrication around Ontario, especially those of pipes and parts, can significantly help the oil and gas industry in building up the necessary infrastructure to make their products and services easily available. First, having parts fabricated beforehand can ensure that pipelines and other mechanical components are constructed quickly. Machine shops can start creating the needed parts while the pipelines are being planned and negotiated; once everything has been hammered out, the parts can be delivered and the construction started. If any additional parts are necessary then they can be made while the initial construction is done. Additionally, with pre-fabricated parts, construction time can be reduced; parts would already be fitted to one other, requiring only assembly to make them functional. The interchangeability of parts also helps in maintenance; with ready-made parts available, all you need to do to get a pipeline or pump back in action is to swap out the defective part with a new one.

Second, fabrication can ensure that a pipeline infrastructure’s parts are of the highest safety and quality standards. Creating pipes and parts in a controlled environment like a dedicated shop ensures that the final products are of high quality and have not been exposed to the elements like what happens during on-site fabrication. Moreover, the fabricators aren’t working under pressure and can focus on safety standards. The final products can also be tested after they are made, ensuring that they meet all quality standards.

Finally, fabricated parts are more cost-effective. Experienced machine shops have streamlined the fabrication process to a level wherein most waste has been removed. For example, in a machine shop, it is easier to ensure the accuracy and fitting of parts. This reduces the need for refitting and replacements, which are often the cause of delays—and delays are one of the reasons why projects go over budget. Avoiding such delays ensures that a project is on track and within budget.

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