Oil Pipelines

Established Ontario Machine Shop Can Help the Petrochemical Industry

Oil and natural gas are top fuels that drive several industries today. That’s why it’s important for them to have widespread distribution, whether via oil tankers, roads, or railways; however, the safest and most efficient way to transport oil is via pipelines, which avoids the dangers of spills and derailments. To keep these pipelines in great shape will require the services of a leading fabrication and machine shop in Ontario like Central Machine and Marine.
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Ideal Techniques to Repair Metal Hulls

Skilled Industrial Millwright Services Restore Ships to Working Shape

Cargo shipping is one of the backbones of many modern industries. Container ships ply the seaways with tons of cargo that is used for commercial and industrial purposes; however, the sea can do a lot of damage to a ship. That’s why timely ship repair services are needed to keep these key vessels running.
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Expert Industrial Millwright Services Will Keep Canada’s Oil Pumping

Canada’s energy industry comprises nearly seven percent of the country’s gross domestic product. One of the important components of the industry is the massive pipelines that help deliver oil across the continent. Right now, there are several upcoming pipeline projects slated to begin in the near future. One of them is a pipeline suggested by TransCanada that is supposed to pump over 1.1 billion barrels of oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the Eastern Canadian states.

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Great Falls College Offers International Welding Certification

Why Quality is a Given for Established Ontario Machine Shop Welders

Few industrial processes are as important to modern life as welding; it is why we have cars on the road and metal bridges like the Blackfriars Street Bridge in Ontario, to name just a few. It makes sense that if you’re going to have some welding done, you’ll want to be assured of the highest quality. An article by Great Falls Tribune writer Peter Johnson reveals why you can look forward to exactly that when you consult established Ontario machine shop welders, like those from Central Machine and Marine, for a job: Read more

Damaged by engine fire, stranded Canadian Navy ship to be towed to Hawaii

Quality Parts, Systems, and Ship Repair Services: Sea-worthy Virtues

Many incidents, whether on land and sea are avoidable, and professionals operating machines down to the smallest systems cannot underestimate their role nor can producers of parts into whole units of vehicles underrate the costs of quality slackens at any stage of the manufacturing process. Engine room fires occur in both passenger and non-passenger ships and, luckily for the Canadian ship, the HMCS Protecteur, which got disabled in March, rescue arrived timely enough to take crew members and their family aboard another ship to safety. Read more

Ontario Machine Shop Careers Can Be a Good Future for At-Risk Youth

Almost one-fourth of Canada’s population is composed of children and youth, over half of which are Aboriginals. According to statistical studies, however, this demographic will not be staying the same for long. Their numbers would keep on growing and in ten years, it is estimated that the members of Aboriginal youth with ages 15 – 19 would increase by as much as 37% compared with 2001. Read more

Pembina to import ethane-export propane

How an Ontario Machine Shop Can Help Petrochemical Industry Clients

The petrochemical sector is one of Canada’s major industries, primarily using oil and natural gas as major raw materials in producing many other chemicals. It is no exaggeration to say that the country’s economic climate significantly depends upon its domestic petrochemical scene. This fact is precisely why so much infrastructure is invested into the industry: Read more

How an Ontario Machine Shop Helps Gather Petroleum from Oil Sands

In an article posted in Canadian Manufacturing, The Canadian Press’ Lauren Krugel discusses how energy industry giant Husky Energy, Inc. is facing a steep slope in its currently-in-progress oilsands project in Northern Alberta: Read more

Expert Industrial Millwright Services to Prevent a Petroleum Problem

Canada’s pipeline network can go around the Earth two-and-a-half times over. However, it only takes one leak to put the whole planet in danger.

In response to the continued development of the petroleum industry, the National Energy Board has been given the power to deal with oil spills in the country. It began its mandate by requiring pipeline companies to set aside $1 billion in oil spill liability. With much of the pipelines bisecting Canada’s untapped paradises in the north, $1 billion seems like a decent number. Read more

Scratching Beneath the Hard Surface of Industrial Millwright Services

It was in the 3rd century BC when the well-known Greek philosopher Archimedes introduced the concept of simple machines to the world. Fast forward to the present, and it is easy to see that several thousands of years of research, experimentation, and innovation turned “simple” machines into complex yet highly efficient mechanisms that (to a certain degree) characterizes and constitute modern life. Today, no one knows machines – especially industrial machinery – better than a millwright. Read more