Ideal Techniques to Repair Metal Hulls

Skilled Industrial Millwright Services Restore Ships to Working Shape

Cargo shipping is one of the backbones of many modern industries. Container ships ply the seaways with tons of cargo that is used for commercial and industrial purposes; however, the sea can do a lot of damage to a ship. That’s why timely ship repair services are needed to keep these key vessels running.
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CNC: An Ontario Machine Shop’s Answer to High Manufacturing Demand

Canadian manufacturing continues its slow, but steady, growth. Shop Metalworking Technology, the premier magazine for Canadian metal works and manufacturing industries, says that new export orders went up to 54.5 percent this December, compared to October’s 51.3 percent, thanks to gains made in the U.S. economy and the Canadian dollar. Industry experts are convinced that this growth will persist throughout the rest of 2014, and perhaps the first quarter of next year.

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Expert Industrial Millwright Services Will Keep Canada’s Oil Pumping

Canada’s energy industry comprises nearly seven percent of the country’s gross domestic product. One of the important components of the industry is the massive pipelines that help deliver oil across the continent. Right now, there are several upcoming pipeline projects slated to begin in the near future. One of them is a pipeline suggested by TransCanada that is supposed to pump over 1.1 billion barrels of oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the Eastern Canadian states.

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Great Falls College Offers International Welding Certification

Why Quality is a Given for Established Ontario Machine Shop Welders

Few industrial processes are as important to modern life as welding; it is why we have cars on the road and metal bridges like the Blackfriars Street Bridge in Ontario, to name just a few. It makes sense that if you’re going to have some welding done, you’ll want to be assured of the highest quality. An article by Great Falls Tribune writer Peter Johnson reveals why you can look forward to exactly that when you consult established Ontario machine shop welders, like those from Central Machine and Marine, for a job: Read more

Damaged by engine fire, stranded Canadian Navy ship to be towed to Hawaii

Quality Parts, Systems, and Ship Repair Services: Sea-worthy Virtues

Many incidents, whether on land and sea are avoidable, and professionals operating machines down to the smallest systems cannot underestimate their role nor can producers of parts into whole units of vehicles underrate the costs of quality slackens at any stage of the manufacturing process. Engine room fires occur in both passenger and non-passenger ships and, luckily for the Canadian ship, the HMCS Protecteur, which got disabled in March, rescue arrived timely enough to take crew members and their family aboard another ship to safety. Read more

Ontario Machine Shop Careers Can Be a Good Future for At-Risk Youth

Almost one-fourth of Canada’s population is composed of children and youth, over half of which are Aboriginals. According to statistical studies, however, this demographic will not be staying the same for long. Their numbers would keep on growing and in ten years, it is estimated that the members of Aboriginal youth with ages 15 – 19 would increase by as much as 37% compared with 2001. Read more

Ship Prop Repair

Industrial Millwright Services Offer On-Site Repair of Heavy Equipment

With about 35.6 million residents, Canada definitely has a high energy demand that befits a thoroughly developed nation. Fortunately, power plants like those in Point Lepreau produce significant amounts of electricity to supply those needs. However, back in April, the facility was briefly put out of commission. The reason? A problem with the turbine pump. This article from CBC News provided further details on this event: Read more

Pembina to import ethane-export propane

How an Ontario Machine Shop Can Help Petrochemical Industry Clients

The petrochemical sector is one of Canada’s major industries, primarily using oil and natural gas as major raw materials in producing many other chemicals. It is no exaggeration to say that the country’s economic climate significantly depends upon its domestic petrochemical scene. This fact is precisely why so much infrastructure is invested into the industry: Read more

What Industrial Millwright Services Can Do for Damaged Canadian Ships

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, the diverse skills and the continuous labor of millwrights have helped shaped multiple disciplines in today’s mechanized world. Their services are still called upon today, especially when it comes to installing, maintaining, and repairing industrial machinery and other related equipment. In Ontario, millwrights who are working in industry and manufacturing are called Industrial Millwrights or Mechanics, and they can be tasked to repair far bigger machines like the two ships of the Canadian Pacific navy that have been involved in an unfortunate incident: Read more

Industrial Millwright Services Can Help Restore Pump System Alignment

Industrial Millwright Services Can Help Restore Pump System Alignment

Like humans, machines have hearts, too. Just as the human body can’t function without the heart pumping blood into its system, a machine, particularly one that comes with a hydraulic system, will fail to work properly without a pump. Machineries and large industrial facilities need fluid power to start and continue operation, and hydraulic pumps can provide just that. Little wonder then that the pump is considered to be the heart of industry.

The pump used in manufacturing and other industrial purposes is a complex assembly of various essential components. Their functionality lies in their correct alignment and configuration. A slight inaccuracy in their assembly could mean significant decrease in efficiency or, worse, damage to the system. In an article for, independent consulting engineer Allan R. Budris discusses the importance of maintaining alignment in pumps and motors.

Good alignment has been demonstrated to lead to:

  • Lower energy losses due to friction and vibration

  • Increased productivity through time savings and repair avoidance

  • Reduced parts expense and lower inventory requirements

There are many different factors that influence a pump system’s alignment, which include wear, material buildup, and thermal distortion. Problems with alignment are generally difficult to fix considering a pump system’s limited alignment tolerance. They have to be carefully inspected and fixed by trusted industrial millwright services like Central Machine and Marine. Professional millwrights usually check the system for the following damage:

  • Coupling overheating and resulting component degradation

  • Extreme wear in gear couplings and component fatigue in dry element couplings

  • Pump and driver shaft fatigue failure

  • Pump and driver bearing overload, leading to failure or short bearing life

  • Destructive vibration events. Harmful machinery vibration is created whenever misalignment exists. Excessive pump vibration can shorten bearing and mechanical seal life.

Machine manufacturers continue to improve pump systems to minimize the potential for misalignment. Part of this advancement is the addition of alignment monitoring devices, including straight edge and feeler gauges, dial indicators, and laser-optic devices. However, these devices can only do so much. Alignment issues may still arise due to mechanical breakdown, natural disaster, and system failure.

Pump alignment problems are often encountered by companies dealing with huge amounts of fluid, such as the petrochemical industry. They are the ones that greatly need the service of experienced millwrights whenever industrial pump repair is necessary. They are experts in assembling pump system components and sealing them for optimum functionality. They also perform maintenance of the system to keep it in shape under extreme conditions.

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